About The Violin:

Comparing it with the other members of the violin family, violin is the smallest and high pitched instrument. It is a string instrument that has four strings. Its name is from Medieval Latin word known as vitula which means a string instrument. One plays it by pulling a bow across the strings. Mostly, the instrument is vital when playing chamber music; however, it can also provide for exceptional solo performance.

  • Description

The violin has a hollow wooden box that has a narrow center and round ends. It has its front and back being a bit convex and linked to each other by sides known as ribs. The strings are four sets and extend from a string holder found at its bottom to its neck called fingerboard. The strings travel through a raised bridge before they get to the neck. They get inserted at the fingerboard into a peg-box and held using pegs.

Tuning of the violin is by twisting the pegs. It is in a similar way with that one in guitar in order to either lower or raise each of the pitch of the strings. Its bow is a long arched strip of wood that contains the hair of a horse found along its length. One produces sound by drawing the bow across the body strings of a violin. Its body being a resonator amplifies the sound produced by the pulling of the bow. The coordination of the vibration of the front and back panels is by using a block of wood that is in the violin. The wood’s name is a sound post. The panel gets allowed to vibrate by the use of F-shaped holes. These holes are in the table that is near the bridge.

  • Playing

When one wants to play the violin, one requirement is to ensure to hold the instrument neck using both the finger and thumb of the left hand. His or, her shoulder should support the instrument keeping it in its correct position by, having the chin rest on a support that has its location beside the string holder. One grasps the bow using his or, her right hand then draw it across the violin strings found near the bridge.
The left hand has a duty of pressing or plucking the strings against the wood. This should be in different ways in order to have the instrument produce various c sounds or chords. The pressure works by shortening the string which raises or lowers the pitch.

  • History

It development begun in Italy in the sixteenth century, and it was using the existing techniques for creating other string instruments. It was mainly using viol, which had more strings than the once in the violin. Its body, unlike the one of viola, was flat. Stradivarius is the most famous violin in the world. Its name came from its maker known as Antonio Stradivari, who is from the Cremona town Italy. For many years, there have been various minor changes in the violin design, but that of the Italian masters has always remained.

The instrument is one of the best instruments one can learn to play. Beginning it has no complications, unlike other instruments. It is easy to learn as it requires little talent but much of the training. This implies that any person can get to play. It comes with affordable prices and in a variety.

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