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What is a viola?

Viola is a bowed string instrument that is quite larger than the violin in size. It also has a deeper sound than that of violin, which is between violins, having a tuning a perfect fifth over it, and the violoncello with a tuning that is an octave below. It is similar in both material and construction with the violin.

Viola has a body length of 37 to 43 cm, which is about 5 cm longer than the violin. The viola’s tone is warmer, darker, and weightier compared to that of the violin. Its tuning is a fifth lower, and so its strings are C, G, D and A. Its superior size and heavier strings give the deep and richer sound. Operation of a violin is more or less the same as that of violin, but due to viola being bigger and having a dissimilar range, means that violin playing is a different specialty from viola playing.

  • How can one find viola sales online?

It is essential to get a reputable dealer, viola maker or music store. The help a teacher or an advanced violist will be very significant for one in order to choose on a well-made viola that has a good sound, and is worth buying. This is because of the many poorly made violas in the market and one cannot use price as the determining factor for the best one.

It is important for one to consider on the various viola sales found in the market before making a final decision, when making a purchase of an instrument. In purchasing online, one should investigate the different companies to check on their return policies. This is to ensure that one can return the instrument in case of any dissatisfaction.

There exist several shops, where one can find viola sales online, for example,,, among others. One has to consider on these various shops then pick on one with best price and the best services including return policies.

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