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The flute comes from the woodwind family and is aerophone or reedless unlike the other members of the woodwind family. It produces sounds that are clear, penetrating and light on its highest notes. Though many flutes can be in wooden form, it is mostly in metal. This metal can be silver or any other one that is similar. To produce sound, one blow across the blowhole except the piccolo. Its body is in three pieces; the body, head joint and the foot joint.

It can be in the orchestras that share melodies with the violin, but it will always remain a solo instrument at its best. The low notes are rich, warm and undetectable while the higher once sing out from the orchestra. Many composers always love to take advantage of the high notes ability to produce such sounds. They can play expressive and slow solos or the fast, complex melodies.

Flute is not, however, limited to the orchestra. This is because they can produce bright sounds making a colorful addition to jazz groups. The musicians have also created a technique for playing it over time. This technique brings color to the rock n’ roll world.

  • History of the flute

The first flutes are thousands of years old. There making was using bones and were for hunting and performing magic rituals. The next types were wood or bamboo made. They had holes alone, and one could play by holding it to the right or left side or even straight. During this time, playing was by shepherds, hunters and musicians on festivals.

By the 16th century, people started developing the current flutes. By then, it was in four pieces but still had no keys. By 1670, it was getting popular among people. It was then that it got its first keys. In 1720, one could obtain it in three pieces. More keys came up as years went. There also came the introduction of the larger hole and mouthpiece to produce better sound. By 1847, the present form was already available.

  • Why play the flute?

There are various benefits that one gets in plying the flute. Apart from its beautiful soothing sound, they mostly lead parts in a band. They give the flutists a chance to sit at the front row in a band and its sounding blends well with the other instruments. One can easily carry it and learn. It only requires enough practice for one to be as good as he or, she would wish.

Finding music for the flute is quite easy. This is because it is in the key of c and hence transposing is not necessary. Its sound is good for such music as contemporary Christian, gospel jazz, pop modern, rock among others. Another advantage is that it is possible to play for composers with the best songs giving one a chance to gain popularity. The other entire woodwind instruments play in a similar way and hence a flutist gets to learn them. Playing of piccolo becomes also possible for one as both instruments play the same way.

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