Violin Bow

A violin bow is very essential in the playing of the violin instrument. It consists of a bar and a string. The bar may be iron or metallic . The string is mostly made up of carbon. In case one lacks on the combination then there is no way one will play the violin. It is the violin bow that touches the strings to give out a sound. Bows vary in size.

  • Prices of different models

There are very many violin bow models. They differ in prices. The materials used to make the bow determine the price of the bow. For instance, Ophelia bow is made up of Ophelia braided carbon fiber stick costs $135. CADENZA* Model 302 has carbon fiber mounted on nickel with an ebony frog and costs$ 145. Eastman model 60 goes at about $ 120. Ophelia Hybrid goes at $ 55. This is relatively cheaper compared to the rest due to hybrid fiberglass stick. These are only but a few examples of the violin bow models. One may buy the bow he can afford. The experts recommend that the hire the price the better the violin bow.

  • New and used brands

Both new and used brands of violin bows exist in the market today. New bows usually come with new violins. At times, the companies also produce separate bows for accessory shops. The bows are usually wrapped in their package casings. Old bows may be found in shops that sell second-hand violins. Used violin bows lack their wrapping paper and are prone to color changes such as fading.

  • Accessory Availability

Violin bows may need new strings from time to time. The accessories have to be near the user because the strings are the most vital parts of the whole violin bar. Therefore, one should buy a violin and consider the access of most important accessories such as the violin strings and bars that constitute the violin bow. Without violin bow accessories, then the player is in danger of missing the services of the instrument when damage occurs on the violin bow. It is very clear one cannot play the instrument without the bow. Therefore accessibility of the same is very vital.

  • Vital tips of purchasing a violin bow

Anyone interested in purchasing a violin bow has to take into consideration the model he or she is in for. The models dictate the price. Thus, it is relevant for the buyer to equip himself with most of the violin bow models. In case the buyer is a beginner, then he or she has to seek for advice from the experienced players. They will guide accordingly.
In many cases, it is useful for the buyer to go for the shops that sell violin accessories to buy the right bow. Some violin bows are similar in appearance to those for viola bows.

Care is very essential to avoid tricks of the market brokers. They may try to force the buyer to purchase expensive bows at their benefit. The buyer has to carry along any necessary manual for the violin to aid in decision-making upon which bow to purchase.

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