Viola vs Violin

Answering The Question Of The Viola vs Violin.

The viola and violin are orchestral string instruments originated in Italy. They are played with the help of a bow. The difference between the two can easily be found with the help of their size, sound, tuning and strings, clef and technique of using.

The method of using viola is slightly different than that of violin, because of its larger size the notes are expanded farther on the fingerboard and demands different fingerings. There is no standard size of viola available. Its body is around 38-46cm long. However violins have standard size of 35.5cm with standard size bows 1cm smaller than the bow of viola.

It is common knowledge that the violin is used to carry the main theme throughout orchestral musical pieces. Many conductors use the viola to enhance the low notes of the violin while giving depth to the high notes of the cello.

Violin is a high pitched instrument popular in melody parts as well as in jazz music and pop music bands while and viola is comparatively low pitched instrument famous for its melodious and deeper mid tone. The Viola’s sweet spot is the mid range and mid tones.

Violin synthetic strings preferred over steel core are E, A, D, J while the viola is mostly strung with heavier strings A, D, G, C resulting in soothing music.
The language of viola music is written in alto clef also called C clef indicating the position of C note on pentagram while the music for violin is in treble clef also called G clef.

The range of viola is over 3 and half octaves although it depends on the ability of violist to play the higher notes while the violin range is G3-A7.
Earlier, violins were considered as the kings in orchestra than any other instrument. They were divided in to first and second group. First group usually play melody while the second group plays harmony.

But now viola takes the lead it plays the part of Tenor (cellos and basses) in Orchestra. It is now considered as the most important part in orchestral music.

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