Choosing Quality Viola Bows

The Importance Of Having Good Quality Viola Bows.

Viola bows are moved across the viola instrument, to cause vibration, so that instrument produces or emits sound. Viola bows are heavier than a normal violin bow, because in case of viola instrument more weight has to be applied to pull the strings. So, a student should be very careful while selecting a viola bow. The following points should be considered before purchasing a bow.

  • Quality of wood:

The viola bows come in several varieties usually made of Pernambuco or Brazil wood. If the student does not want the bow to break again, they should always purchase viola bows that are made of good quality of wood and the ones which are a bit expensive, because cheap bows break easily.

  • Money to be invested:

The price of viola bows range from expensive to inexpensive. A student should always have a price prefixed in mind. They should try spending about 25 to 35 percent of the cost of their instrument.
Octagonal or round:
This does not make much of a difference, though the student should decide on which one is better for them. Carbon-fiber made viola bows are best for any students.

  • Importance of having a good bow:

Viola bows should always be selected based on the comfort level of the student. After breaking one or odd bows, it is very important for the student to choose the right kind of viola bow. Apart from keeping the above points in mind, the student should also decide whether they want to buy a new or used viola bow. A student should try purchasing a new viola bow if their budget allows them to do so. However, if the budget is very less, they should try purchasing a used bow of good quality. A good viola bow helps the student to have a faster command over the viola instrument.

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