How To Play Viola

An Essential Guide On How To Play Viola

Learning how to play a musical instrument, such as the viola, is a fun and highly rewarding activity. Contrary to popular belief, learning how to play it is not that difficult. All you need to do is to be committed, patient, and most important of all, enthusiastic. If you want to learn how to play this amazing string instrument, then make sure you follow the steps discussed below.

  • Step One:

If you want to learn how to play viola properly, then it is best that you find yourself a good teacher. You can easily do this by looking for an instructor in your local phone books. Alternatively, you can search for online viola classes in the Internet.

  • Step Two:

Familiarize yourself with the different parts of the viola such as the chin rest, the body, the bow, the strings, and so much more. Getting yourself acquainted with the different parts of this string instrument will help you appreciate it more.

  • Step Three:

Using your left hand, hold the viola’s neck. Always remember not to hold it either too tightly or loosely. Though it is called a chin rest, do not put in under your chin. Instead, place it under your jaw. Make sure that you hold the viola parallel to the floor. Also, keep your wrist straight.

  • Step Four:

Learn the two different ways of playing it—arco and pizzicato. When playing arco, all you need to do is use the bow in playing on the strings. This is the playing method we commonly see in musical performances. To play pizzicato or pizz, simply pluck the strings.

  • Step Five:

Learn how to tune the instrument. You may find this activity difficult at first but later on you will be able to easily distinguish whether a certain string is out of tune or not, and do the necessary changes to make their tunes right.

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