Violins For Kids

Deciding on the most appropriate violins for kids is both a tricky and confusing affair. Tons of questions and concerns will usually run through the mind of every parent. Generally, however, the best violin for kids depend on what the parent can afford. The parent will only need to evaluate the violin for good sound and proper tunes before deciding on purchasing it.

When evaluating the playability and tone quality of the violin the parent cannot take over the role of a teacher and a dealer. However, the violin power needs to be assessed. The ideal violin for kids should produce a strong sound that is both rich and deep. Since the fractional size of the violin is usually too small for the instrument’s acoustical range, the sound will usually be brassy and strong even when far softer than the full size of 4/4. The parent should therefore consider the instrument’s power alongside the limitations of size.

Parents will also have to assess whether the violin will remain reasonably in tune since kids do not have as strong hands and fingers as to control the instrument’s pegs. It is prudent to have a violin tailpiece with built-in tuners. Even the parent will find this inclusion more useful during the tuning of instrument, using the easy-to-control tailpiece instead of the difficult-to-handle pegs. Parents should spend a bigger portion of the budget in ensuring that the tuning system and pegs work at utmost efficiency. Strings are very critical in keeping violin for kids in tune. Steel strings work better in violin tuning than synthetic strings. However, steel strings are not as rich in sound, and the best recommendation should be left to the teacher who will consider the kid’s skill level and age when advising the parent.

Should the violin for kids be new or old? All factors left equal, older violins would sound remarkably better than new ones. However, sound quality should only follow after considering the instrument’s condition. Old violins with worn out pegs and peg boxes and heavily repaired cracks must be avoided. Kids are usually rougher than adults and will not be able to control the violin’s tuning process adequately. Therefore, it is prudent to buy new violins with good sounds for your kid instead of older ones.

The violin market boasts of numerous well-sounding new-fangled violins.
Some parents also feel that countries of origin of the violins matter, especially that Italian then French violins rank top. This is not true. Fine sounding violins, regardless of the big or small name behind then, will do. Remember that if you are carried away by the big name you may get a poorly sounding violin which may never be resold.

Violins for kids can either be obtained through rent or buying depending on the age of your child. It will suffice to rent a violin for your young child and buy the instrument later on when your child is more accomplished. Sadly, rental violins may be more affordable but rarely good sounding, and learning to play a poorly sounding violin is very difficult. Therefore, it is advisable that the parent buys a new good sounding instrument. Besides, many dealers would accept the instruments back in trade.

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