Native American Flute Makers

The simplicity of the amazing Native American flute.

The Native American flute makers came up with a genius instrument. Nobody can really trace the first place the native flute was made but the European explorers report to have seen it among the native tribes of America .All flutes regardless of whether they are made in Africa, China or India are simply thought to have been made by Native American flute makers. This is simply because very few people can actually distinguish between the Native American flute and other indigenous flutes.

The traditional flutes were made using redwood, bamboo, juniper and cedar as it was easier to carve the holes using the crude weapons. The material was also readily available from the many rivers. Soft wood say cedar, pines and redwood is good for a flute used to produce soft tones. Though, the Native American flute makers did not know this exactly, they must have noticed the soft melody produced by soft wood.

Hardwood like walnut, mahogany and cherry are used because they make the flute produce a rich, clear, crisp melody. The base, heavy sound is amazing to the ear. However modern flutes making has been the one to use the hardwood vastly because of the modern tools to drill the holes.

Timber for flutes should be fine and dense in order to give the clear and soft melody that makes the music magical. Some wood known to process this quality of making the great flute are European boxwood, cook town iron wood and red lancewood.

Though the Native Americans flute makers are known for what is commonly known as fipple flute, one open on one side. There are many flutes that belong to this category. They include whistles, fujara, flageolet, genshorn and many others. They are liked for their distinct timbre and they are easy to play as well as learn how to play .Unfortunately, the player has no control over the sound they produce.

The second type of common flute is the side blown flute. Examples of the side blown flute arepiccolo.fife,bansuri end blown flutes among others. They produce definitive pitches that are clear and brighter. They are flexible and give the flute player control over what he is playing.

There are many modern flutes out there that require professional training in order to learn how to play. They include the soprano flute, bass flute, concert flutes, tenor flute among others. Though one can have a natural talent of playing the flute, to perform for an enlightened crowd one has to learn music first. The modern flutes produced by commercial companies for sale have got creative and use various materials to produce flutes.

These include ceramics, glass, bones and metal. Also specific wood to produce a certain kind of flute for a specific sound is now possible.
Their many traditional flutes made by different tribes from various continents, there is the Japanese flute, Indian flute .African flutes among others .Though the Native American flute Makers managed to make a flute that is simple and distinctive in sound.

The flute has gained worldwide recognition for its magical sound. The flute can also be found online or purchased in shops that deal with music instruments. It is easy to play and it can be made by many readily available materials. The Native American flute makers must be credited for giving the world this masterpiece.

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