Carbon Fiber Violin

The Carbon Fiber Violin Could Be The Best for Beginners.
For hundreds of years violinists and music lovers could only envision a violin that is hand-made and crafted from wood. The traditional belief among violinists and violin makers is that hand-made wooden instruments like violins are supposed to have a unique sound and resonance. They also believe that this is only possible with products made from wood. However, cutting-edge technology and innovative production methods enabled manufacturers to create violins that could produce sounds that are as beautiful as those that come from wooden violins.

  • Prices of Different Types and Models

If one will visit the nearest music store the first thing that will come to the attention of the buyer is that violins are priced in a wide range such that there are violins that are affordable and there are those that only professionals could acquire. In more sophisticated stores, the prices of violins are beyond the reach of the average buyer. It is not prudent to buy expensive violins for beginners. However, it is also not advisable to get ones that are cheap through online stores. It is important to buy a violin with the correct size and it is impossible to determine the correct size simply by viewing the products online.

  • Choosing Between Wood and Carbon Fiber

In the present time violins and bows made of carbon fiber has become serious alternatives over those that are hand-made wooden instruments. There are various advantages over those that are made from wood. For example, one of the major reason why it is more prudent to buy carbon fiber violins is because of the price. It is cheaper compared to hand-made wooden instruments. In addition, the musical instruments made from carbon fiber produces higher volume as compared to those made with conventional materials. Furthermore, violins made with space-age materials are more robust compared to ordinary instruments. One of the major problems faced by violinists is the effect of the temperature and humidity on the performance of their instruments. Natural elements such as high moisture content in the atmosphere can have adverse effects on the wood and therefore it could affect performance.

  • Tips When Purchasing Carbon Fiber Violins

If buying a violin for a child, do not buy a big one thinking that he or she will grow into it. It has to be made clear that a violin is not comparable to shoes or clothes. No one will be able to play correctly if they have a violin that have the wrong size.
Although it is not advisable to buy violins online, one can use online stores to be able to compare prices of violins. Thus, when buying violins, ask the salesperson to lower the price to twenty percent of the price online.

  • Conclusion

Buyers should consider buying a carbon fiber violin over a hand-made wooden violin on account of price and durability. It is more practical to buy a carbon fiber violin especially if the one buying is a beginner. It is more difficult to take care of hand-made wooden violins because the wood is sensitive to temperature and humidity, however, a carbon fiber violin is not affected by these elements. More importantly the space-age version is cheaper.

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