How To Play The Violin

Every new student who wants to learn the violin has only one question “How to Play The Violin?’ When mastered, Violin is one of the most beautiful and rewarding instruments to play. However, the road to learning the instrument is a long one, and one should get ready to practice difficult techniques each day.

Although the violin can be played by plucking the strings, it is necessary to use the bow for most of the music. This can be a bit awkward and difficult in the beginning, but as time goes on, practice will make one learn to make music with the bow and violin.


After the first question “How to play the violin”, the next question will be “What are the accessories required to play the violin”. The accessories that a new student will require to play the violin are Mutes, Rosin, Shoulder rest and Chin rest. Mutes are the small gadgets that create a much softer sound, by preventing the vibration of strings and are clipped onto the bridge. Rosin is the solid form of a tree sap that creates friction or grip between the string and the bow. Shoulder rests are made up of sponges or cloth. Chin rests is one of the most basic element to take off and on.


Some steps are to be followed to play the violin. The steps are detailed below:
The bow hair is tightened enough in the first step by turning the end screw in clockwise direction until the space between the stick and hair is big enough, so that a pencil passes through. Then the second step on how to play the violin is to rosin the bow. For a new bow, the student should ask the teacher or shopkeeper to rosin the bow for him/her. Depending on the frequency of practice, renew the rosin in few days or so.

The third step is holding the bow in a correct way by gently laying the index finger between the 1st and 2nd knuckle on the grip. The fourth step on how to play the violin is to rest the violin on the collar bone, held in place by the jaw and fully supported by the arm.

The fifth step on how to play the violin is placing the bow halfway between the fingerboard and the bridge. After the fifth step, the next step is to practice by playing the open strings. After practicing with open strings, the next step on how to play the violin is practicing to play the scales.A scale is the series of notes that descend and ascend in a predetermined pattern of half and whole steps. The last step is to practice the violin everyday by starting with a short time of fifteen minutes and later on reaching the time of an hour. In this way the instrument can be learned easily and in a planned way. Then the question of How to play the violin will no longer persist.

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