Big Treble Media LLC   –    About Us

Big Treble Media LLC is a media company that handles many types of entertainment media and art. Having been founded in the year 2011, it is relatively new to media industry, joining the class of some of the best managed media industries in the country. With its inception comes along fresh new ideas in the management of the media industry.  At our company, raw talent will be molded in a manner that presents the audience with an amazing work of art.

The company’s mission is to provide quality and original products in the form of books, music, art and other intellectual properties. It seeks to do so by attracting raw talent from all corners of the world and nurturing their potential to produce great music and art. At Big Treble Media LLC we believe that everybody can produce art and with the right amount of guidance and coaching potential artists can become stars in the entertainment industry. This is because of our ability to identify with talent that is driven by imagination and, of course, creativity.

Most people are able to produce great music but fail to present it appropriately out there to the world. At Big Treble Media, we provide original music for television or film licensing. We ensure that those big creative ideas do not remain shelved in the book cabinet but make it all the way to the big screens. We provide expert advice and attention on matters of licensing and copyright to ensure that your media creations are protected. We value art and we believe it should be guarded properly to ensure artists get their message out to the world, as it should be.

Music is at the heart of our operations being that our company name derives its meaning from a common musical term. “Treble” as is used in our company name has been coined from the common “Treble Clef”, a common music reference. As such, we have tailored our operations to include all other areas of media with specialization in the world of music. We believe there is music in everything one does. That is why Big Treble Media takes pride in its involvement in all forms of music. Right from use of specific musical instruments, preparation of concerts, development of music for commercials to the more recent music production reviews, our company provides a one stop shop for all musical production needs.

We also strongly believe that music can be a potential source of income and artists should receive due economic gain from their productions. This is why Big Treble Media also facilitates promotion and marketing of artists work. These include music, novels, entertainment biographies, play scripts and pieces of digital art and 3 dimensional art or paintings.

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